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Originally Posted by njwheelbarrow View Post
You guys are the BUSINESS!

This is one of the main reasons I'm getting interested. I know the players that I watch each week in the NFL have played a heck of a lot of football before reach my radar, I'd like to now watch some of it!

Cheers! Much appreciated.

That's quite a short season without any playoffs!

Balls. Guess I'll have to pick from one of the other 118 teams then.

Thanks for all the info! I'll be around these boards so I'll let you know how I get on. Out of interest, which college teams do you support?
I'm a Boise State fan. We're from Idaho, have a small, but very loud stadium, are one of the most exciting teams to watch and play on BLUE TURF! Just finished our last season in the WAC and are moving to the MWC next season, and we featured in two of ESPN's top 5 games of the season (vs. Virginia Tech at number 5 and @ Nevada at number one).

We've only been a Division I (FBS) school for 20 years, but we're one of the most successful small schools in that period, and I believe I'm correct in saying we are second to Ohio State in current streak of being a top 25 ranked team.

I don't tend to suggest people should support my team when people ask for the NFL, but Boise State is a great team to follow. Everyone either has a soft spot because we are underdogs or dislikes us because we are not one of the historical 'elite' teams.

Check us out! We are more on the West Coast though, not right on the coast, but we are one state in!
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