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Originally Posted by comrade View Post
ii) The Nebraska Cornhuskers play in a smallish city called Lincoln, which is about the size of Derby. Their stadium is comparitively small at just 86,000, but they have sold out every single home game that they've played since 1962 - 48 years!
Thanks for the info, Comrade! Those crowd stats are incredible, 100,000+ for non-pro sport, there's nothing like that in the UK. I've always been aware college football was popular and so always had a sense that I was missing out... time to play catchup methinks.

Originally Posted by mde203 View Post
The number of teams in each varies, but 10 to 12 is the norm. There are also teams such as Army, Navy and Notre Dame who are not a part of any conference.
If Notre Dame are one of the most successful teams and yet they don't play in a conference then what are they winning? Bowls?

(Great chatting with you all, I've got to work now but will check in later).
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