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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
I think what Charles meant to say was "yes"

I never get why we can't talk about other countries on this forum, except Ireland. If it is NFLUK, keep it strictly UK, why the special treatment for Ireland? Ireland is not UK. Or, as I believe, why not accept that this forum, while nominally UK, is actually a gathering point for NFL fans across Europe, including Ireland but also including many other countries, who do not have their own NFL forum pages. Most users are from the UK but that just reflects the fact NFL is probably more popular here than all or most other countries across Europe. We should be able to discuss the situation across the region, UK, Ireland, Greece, France whatever, especially for a global product like game pass.
Confirmation: support just answered to me playoffs and Superbowl will be available live and on-demand as they were during this season with the season plus subscription from France.