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Originally Posted by StuartMansfield View Post
No chance they were the LA Raiders when I started supporting them, but knew all about their Oakland history. Did I stop supporting them when they were no longer the LA Raiders when they moved back to Oakland? No. As long as they are the something Raiders and stick with the same badge and uniform I will support them.

If they became say the San Antonio Raiders and look the same I will support them. If they became the San Antonio Oilers, change their complete uniform and badge then to me they would be classed as a new team and the Raiders would be history.

Not sure everyone would agree with this.
The Raiders are the Raiders, simply moving stadium to another area doesnt change who they are, still the Raiders and to be honest in thinking changes like this are probably expected of us.

However a change from Raiders, which includes uniform and badge would be a step far far to far and they would no longer be the Raiders, somehow an iconic name and history that can never be tampered with.


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