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I started to support the Bears in 1985 (after a tip from a good mate who was a Broncos fan). Believe me, it wasn't when they got to the SB but right at the start of the pre season, the word was that they were going to be special that year and how true that proved to be !

This was not a dynasty but a coming together of a truly great group of players on defence (especially) and a running back that has never been equalled in my humble opinion. Add Jim McMahon into the mix and something unique had been created. The break up in 1986 was painful and the departure of Buddy Ryan to the Eagles, a particularly big loss

I used stay awake at night to listen to the armed forces radio coverage of their games and it seems like only yesterday that this weeks opponent, the Dolphins, spoiled the party on a Monday night (?) by handing out a thumping in the last regular game of the season - Mark Clayton/Dan Marino - I seem to remember their names being mentioned a lot)

This weekend I complete a journey that started nearly 30 years ago to watch my beloved Bears at Soldier Field versus the very same opponent, it will be my first ever live game and I really can't wait

The defence is not the same - the offence is certainly not, but regardless I will be cheering on my new heroes to hopefully an important victory

Some sort of revenge for my lack of sleep on December 2nd 1985
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