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I think every generation has those loaded teams who just can't get it together. The Bears in the 80's were one of those teams. I think the QB situation made it more difficult but a lot of it is just luck or the odd bad game in the playoffs.

I tend to judge the greatness of team on the way they perform over a few years, as opposed to Championships. That's not to say the Championships are not by far the most important thing, they unquestionably are, but you can be a great team in an objective sense without getting the silverware to make you... a champion.

What I mean is, there have been lots of great teams, probably the best teams of their time who never quite achieved what they could have. But if the NFL were a league system would have been perennial champions. It just shows how hard it is to find a metric for greatness.

When I look at the 70's Steelers, 80's 49ers or 90's Cowboys those teams were not only the best teams all around but they beat everyone in the playoffs too and that is why they're the greatest teams ever assembled.

The 80's Bears can only ever be considered along teams like the early 90's Bills, 00's Ravens, 00's Bucs. Even recently you could look at Reid's Eagles as a team who had the talent but never put it together. My favourite team who never won enough were the Chargers under Coryell. Fouts was such a great QB. But you can be a really, really great team without being able to win championships.
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