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Week 2


DEFENSE! 5 takeaways against one of the most explosive Offenses in the league and made an All-Pro QB look ordinary. After a sloppy first half against the Browns, this unit has bounced back in a big way.

Mo Wilkerson. PAY THE MAN!!!

Marshall and Decker. Don't know if we've ever had a better pair of starting WRs tbh. To get Brandon Marshall for next to nothing was an incredible bit of business. No idea what the Bears were thinking, but thanks guys! Decker had a good first season for us, but I think he could be so much better this year with a true #1 wideout playing across from him.

Fitz. Not perfect again but he gives us a steady, reliable veteran presence at the position. He has a good understanding of this Offense and has already developed an understanding with Marshall and Decker. I'm still a Geno supporter, but I don't see him getting back into the team unless Fitz gets hurt, and I'm comfortable with Fitz being the starter. Obviously, he's not the long term answer at his age, but that's not something we need to worry about for now.


Running game. Disappointing we weren't able to have much success on the ground against a very questionable run Defense. Haven't had a chance to fully go over the game film, but I'd suspect that the Colts stacked the line and dared us to beat them through the air. Still, we should have run the ball better than we did...

Cromartie. Can't be too critical of him, as he played his part in a great Defensive performance and he can't have been 100% fit, but he's still something of a weak link in that secondary. Will make the occasional big play, but gives up too many for comfort.

Tight Ends. Two weeks gone, still not a single catch between them. Not sure where we're playing Enunwa, but (if we're not already) I'd like to see him in the Amaro role as he has the size to cause opposing secondaries problems. Still very surprised we didn't add a third TE in the off-season.


Can't think of anything, except maybe that the Patriots increasingly look the only real contender in the AFC...
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