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We at least made a fight of it in the second half. The Eagles may have contributed to that, but I've seen us completely fold in that situation many times in the past.

Devin Smith and Zac Stacy finally got their first playing time for us.

We probably won't have to play the Eagles again for a few years...


We came out as flat as a fart in a game many expected us to win. I've lost count of the number of times this has happened over the years.

Sloppy tackling. Thought our Defense played pretty well for the most part, but we whiffed on too many tackles. Best example of this was Sproles' punt return, which was the turning point of the game.

Offense. Can't really absolve anyone of blame. Without Ivory and Decker, we were every bit as bad as we ever were under Rex. No running game at all, no push from the OL, Fitz had a shocker (although he should never be throwing nearly 60 passes in a game). Even Brandon Marshall was below par.

Lack of pass rush. The Eagles OL has struggled to keep Bradford upright this season. We should have put far more pressure on him than we did.


Marshall's lateral. I can understand him wanting to make something happen, but that was a dumb play.
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