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Originally Posted by DeeFunct View Post
Whilst I'm not normally a fan of assigning blame, surely we're at a crucial junction now? As has been mentioned on several sites, blogs, articles, our pass rush has been non-existent for years, talent we have stashed away has never reached it's potential and this hard & fast defensive so often spoken about has failed to materialise.

The defense has gone backwards over last year, despite making high profile defensive draft picks, we're in what seems to be our worst defensive position in years.

Will DQ fire coach Cox? It must only be a matter of time before DQ himself starts feeling the pressure in the manner of which we lose games. If Cox was fired, who would we replace him with?
Easy to blame the coaches but I find it telling that Dimitroff hasn't drafted or signed a pro bowl level defensive lineman since he became GM in 2008. The guy is a clown. As for Quinn, he is deluded, talked utter crap after the Tampa defeat. I have no faith in anyone in charge of the organisation as Stevie Wonder could see how bad our pass rush has been the past few years and an idiot could have addressed it better.
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