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Originally Posted by Mohamed7 View Post
Really disappointed we didn't get the Chiefs/Chargers game, it's a divisional game with the most talent on display, would have been perfect for London. No idea why they would have that in Mexico, and I also have no idea why they wouldn't finally get the Packers over here. They really dropped the ball on that one because nobody is giving up a Packers home game other than the Chargers, so you can forget about the Pack ever coming over here...

Oh well, two of the games are quite good (CAR-TB and CIN-LAR), I love to watch the Bears but not against Oakland, I really hate it when they get a quality team over and pit them against utter dross.
the Chiefs/chargers is a primetime match up which is why we where never going to get it and mexico which after missing out last year needed a great game and it will be either a SNF/MNF game or a game of the week.

with the Packers sure people inside the league office can put pressure on home teams owners to give up good match ups so maybe Green Bay will be over eventually and hopefully while Rodgers is still in his prime.
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