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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
I would’ve thought considering their issues with lack of support and temporary stadium, that the Chargers hosting Packers would’ve been the perfect opportunity to have Green Bay finally play in London.
The NFL and Fox are going to want this game as a 4:25pm eastern time game of the week, if not Sunday Night Football. It will get big TV viewer numbers in the American market, which dwarfs anything here, and that means adverts. Even in the LA TV market, I imagine, contrary to a lot of Chargers games.

Originally Posted by BuffaloG View Post
Surely it's the opposite? The Packers game is their chance to actually fill out the soccer stadium with Chargers fans?
The stadium always sells out, and in fact has the highest ticket prices anywhere right now because of the limited capacity. Away fans are buying up tickets, or buying them off fair-weather home fans who are less willing to spend big money to get in or more willing to cash in. That stadium will be jam packed with Packers fans, and most will have spent a lot to get in, too. But the team won't necessarily make money out of those tickets changing hands at high prices.

The main thing going for the Chargers in bringing the Packers here is likely to be that it is less of a 'road' atmosphere for them, ironically. It still would be, but the neutrals in the crowd will dilute it. But this is a problem LA teams are always going to have. Even the Rams, who actually have fans in the city have been playing to at best 50% home crowds against the Packers and Cowboys this year. There are a lot of transplants in LA from elsewhere, a lot of people who support the historically successful teams, partly since there has been no team for 20 years, partly cos it is LA. Plus I'd imagine it's an attractive venue for a road game. Nice weather and you know you'll be surrounded by fellow Packer fans.
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