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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
How come rule's are "only broken" after the Patriots win.why wasn't there a push to change the unfairness of scoring a TD to win the game in OT after 2014 & 2015 when Rodgers and the Packers went out of both post-seasons in OT without ever getting on the field(the Packers where the road team so called the coin flip but lost the coin toss in both games).

adding another full quarter with both teams having 3 TO's could easily have made both games on Sunday 4 hour plus marathons and by the end it could more be about players been mentally/physically exhausted more than the best team winning.also if you are playing another full quarter do you need another half time stoppage rather than just playing straight on??

before you won i had posted in this threat and there was after Rodgers, i pretty much recall the same feeling and coverage about him not getting another shot.

a 5/10 minute stoppage would make sense but i would favour a matching system but playing as a normal game (rather than college positioning.)
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