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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Is it really that hard to see the difference between (1) a game where both teams had a possession in overtime, and the team who fared the best on their possession won, and (2) a game where only one team had a possession and the other team did not get the chance to match it (or exceed it, if they went for 2)?

As for safeties in overtime, this should not end the game either in my opinion. If the defense scores a safety, they get 2 points. Or if you want to look at it from an offensive angle, the offense scored -2 points. In the unlikely event of a safety on the opening drive of overtime - it has only ever happened twice I believe - the scoring team's offense should still get the ball and be tasked with doing better than scoring -2 points. As it is still possible to score -6 points via a defensive touchdown.

gotta say you lost me on this one, as 0 is also better than -2 so they could just kneel it out?

Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Yeah, they're the underdogs, man. Nobody ever believed in 5-time winning Super Bowl and 8-time consecutive Championship game quarterback Tom Brady and his equally successful coach.

It's so tiresome. Pretty much every team does it.

Now, I wonder if Jason Kelce is getting ready to do another speech this February on the steps in Philadelphia about how everyone believed in them this time but they let everyone down? No? Oh.

indeed, some teams have a right to it but the Pats just take the pee with it, its down to there inability to take any negative comment at all.

people are bored of them because they think they will win not because they think they are garbage.
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