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It doesn't matter if Henson is ready or not, If Vinny is still in Dallas next year he will start, He is BP's Boy. I dont agree with it but Henson will not beat him out in Training camp. Look at how Vinny started the year. If he does start then i hope Henson finishes.


We need a FA QB, Vinny can back him up. There's something about the Henson situation that seems to me like he's not got it. Why would you give up on a QB so early if you didn't have good reason?

As for Clayton, all reports are he has performed well at the Senior bowl this week and his stock has soared to be a 1st rounder. We need a deep threat. I think the WR's we have have a bright future but they dont scare anyone. We need speed!
Last year, all we had was speed with Glenn, Galloway and AB. Although Glenn will be 30, he can still run. And Keyshawn is better than Galloway because he can block and go over the middle. Morgan can go deep as well (I'm glad we got rid of that a$$ Bryant). Patrick Crayton and Terence Copper are coming along great, but I think Randall Williams should be gone

I agree we do have good young RB's but we could still do with an experienced senior Tailback that can do some damage with 10-15 carries a game.
I think Bikerstaff could do that. He was unlucky last year with tearing his ACL. There's more important things to address in FA (FS/CB/RT/RG 1tech DT). And ReShard is ma boy! Ask jerry
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