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[quote author=DarloPaul link=board=1;threadid=7996;start=0#msg165051 date=1107179074]
Nah, I agree with Ghod. There is something that says they aren;t going to go with Henson. He was a risk but for a sixth round pick possibly one worth having but I don't think he cuts it or is likely to anytime soon.

I agree he would really need a go but I don;t see him in practice, Parcells does and if he wont play him then there must be something he sees that convinces him otherwise.

So, come on guys... who should we go for in FA to dislodge Vinnie? (even though we probably will still go with VT)

It was a 3rd rounder we gave them I think. I wouldn't mind Drew Bledsoe. He might be out for JP Losman and he's a youngster compared to the dinosaur we have under centre. He'll also be able to play until/if Henson is ever ready to play. And he does well behind that awful Bills O line.
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