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Drafted by the Texans in the 6th coz everyone knew he would go the baseball route, but we gave a 3rd for him. He would have been near the top QB pick in that years draft by all accounts (I have no idea personaly - I know nowt about college football!).

Bledsoe? No I dont like that move at all. Yes hes younger than Vinny, but who isnt?! Hardly a reason to sign him I think.

I actualy think Parcells likes Henson; numerous times hes said 'hes just not ready', which suggests BP can see a time when he IS ready. This season, we do what many thought last year should have been about; finding out once and for all if one of the two young guys can do it. If not, the 2006 #1 pick is for a QB - no more ******* around with bargain deals.
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