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Originally Posted by Tocheb73 View Post
Rex on the Patriots:

"Obviously, they're playing great. They're making big plays on defense, but their offense, that's where you start with. They seemed at times, almost looked like they were unstoppable."

Rex on Bill Belichick:

"I feel confident. But I'm still not in Bill Belichick's class, and I know that."

Rex on the Bengals and Carson Palmer:

"They got these great weapons. There's no question that it's hard to match up with them. So I think it's probably pretty tempting to just throw it. Unfortunately, they've thrown some interceptions but Carson, he's still got as good an arm as there is in this league."

Just some extracts from Rex's last few press conferences, couldn't find any negative comments about coaches or players though :P
I would like to tell you the above statement is Riley's opinion. One I'm sure most Packer fans don't share. Also what is a Rex Ryan thread doing in the Packers section . There's a Jets section and a general NFL section. This has nothing to do with Green Bay...
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