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[quote author=olig23 link=board=1;threadid=5453;start=1770#msg902703 date=1212256721]
[quote author=papabear link=board=1;threadid=5453;start=1770#msg902647 date=1212245011]
at the risk of being on the end of a barrage of replies, i,m gonna make comment on olig23s post re grossman and co.

i honestly think that rex aint all bad, one thing he needs badly is protection in the pocket, if he got that and the time other QBs get then i don,t feel he would make stupid mistakes, think about it for a moment, you are on the line and you don,t have confidance in the guys around you, you are gonna want to get the ball and get the hell outta there FAST, this is why he fumbles the snap sometimes, i think. (discuss)?

also you made comment that brady was cool under pressure, i disagree. one major fact on this one is SB XXII. Giants D gave him hell that day and he......well i wont say choked but not far from it, as his confidace in the guys around him fell BIG TIME. he was getting it from all over the place because the Giants D just seemed to take route one, straight at him, they didn,t give him the time he had gotten used to, he had to think and act a lot faster than usual and failed.

hope this makes sense and look forward to any come back

I think it would be unfair to Brady to judge him purely on the Superbowl. I don't think there was much he could have done anyway because the Pats O-line had a very poor game. Also, the pass rush from New York was top notch as it was all year.

I don't think you can lead at team to 18-1 and be bad under pressure nor can you have the record he does in the playoffs and other big games against teams like Indy by bottling it. In referance to Rex I think the tow are worlds apart in every way except maybe their arm. In the end this goes back to my earlier comment regarding QBs being closer in reality than perception sometimes suggests. Most QBs can make the throws but the great one have that intangilble quality, leadership, preparation and the ability to do it when it counts.

yeah, i take on board what you are saying, but, it seemed to me that throughout the regular season the oppasition seemed to be (for the want of a better expression) intimidated by the Pats O, whereas the Giants took the game to them and had great success.

i,m not saying that Brady choked i will alway stop short of that, but after he had enjoyed the protection of the line all year i just seemed that imo he was overwhelmed with the attack of the Gs.
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