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I do agree Bob, with your point of what youre willing to pay vs the original ticket price. Its about value at the end of the day.
If i supported any of the 4 teams id probably be willing to pay up £90 for a ticket (roughly the same as the very back of Metlife) as its not above the highest (FV) price and i can somewhat justify it (opportunity to see my team etc.)
If its a game where i have no rooting interest that price point is lower, say £50 as there are other things i could possibly be doing with a Sunday (including watching the Giants if its a 5/6pm KO).

I think the issue for fans who enjoy seeing a game in person is what happens after 2020 when the current Wembley contract runs out. If they re-up it then majority of these fans will be fine. If they dont, then we are left with 2 games a year at Tottenham through 2028/9 i expect prices to increase (as expected with the increased demand) towards a near parity of how they are Stateside.
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