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Originally Posted by NoFX_Caz View Post
It depends if you have the luxury to. Buying a season ticket months in advance means you can plan work, travel, accommodation etc around having the tickets secured and not hoping you will pick one up.

Changing the subject slightly, given the way this shambles has been run this year, I suspect that to be 'fair' they will have to do exactly the same next year as it would be unreasonable of them to allow everyone who got a season ticket in the 2 hour sale this year the right to renew early next year over everyone else?
Well plenty of sports events are organised last minute. Or the day/time of kickoff gets changed at short notice. I'm sure you can get.

Nope I think they'll let those who were lucky renew. Well who is to say you weren't lucky getting your exact Wembley seats a few years ago over someone else? But you still get to keep them.
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