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Originally Posted by Blanco View Post
Interesting review of the competition for spots:

First impressions:
- the roster looks *very* well stacked on offense, with C/G having perhaps the weakest depth

- but the (lack of) depth looks alarming on the D-line and at LB

Hope we get a bit more luck with injuries this season ...
I'm not concerned with line backer depth tbh, I think we have a very good stable, though I am disappointed Elmore is playing poorly. He looked awesome at Arizona...

D-line is certainly a concern, Neal although talented is a great worry, he just can't seem to stay healthy.

Secondary is odd, The starters are great but after that there is a big drop off. Especially at Safety. I like Charlie but surprised we didn't bring back Anthony Smith tbh.I was also hoping Bush would finally turn a corner this year, almost like an awakening after the Superbowl but it seems we are back to square one with him. Hopefully House will be able to overcome his inhury shortly and show the coaches some promise.
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