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Last one, the Patriots:

Stephen Gostkowski 118th 2006

Matt Slater 153rd 2008

Julian Edelman 232nd 2009

Marcus Cannon 138th 2011

Nate Ebner 197th 2012

Bryan Stork 105th 2014
James White 130th 2014
Cameron Fleming 140th 2014

Darryl Roberts 247th 2015
AJ Derby 202nd 2015
Joe Cardona 166th 2015
Shaq Mason 131st 2015
Tre Jackson 111th 2015
Tre Flowers 101st 2015

They haven't really lost anyone to Free Agency. They do a good job of finding 're-treads' from other teams too I think.

So 14 still on the Pats roster compared to possibly 11 for the Cowboys and 12 for the Broncos.

Perhaps it isn't the be all and end all, obviously teams are built in several ways. If you can find 'stars' like Jackson, Trevathon, or Edelman though it certainly helps. Across those 3 teams they have also found starters too, I think that's what the Cowboys lack when you look at their list. Scandrick in 2008 was the last guy to develop into a starter, although it's early days for recent classes to be fair.

*The Cowboys did find Dan Bailey in 2011 as a UDFA too.

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