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At least we are looking good for a top draft pick

But before about worrying about the draft, I think a new GM and HC, DC etc... Doesn't need to be mid season, at this point we wouldnt want to start winning. That said a GM could be done earlier in order to get his ducks in a row and be ready to hit the ground running by Jan 2018

We need a rebuild for the future and not a band aid

I would love to see David Shaw from Stanford be the Giants HC next year. Put the BIG back into the BLUE. Big and physical is perfect fit for NY ethos. Saban is too expensive, and not convincing at Miami. Harbaugh is too problematic and distraction for a franchise like the Giants. Josh Mcdaniels is ofc in contention with his Belichick exp, but i still have questions with his stint at Denver. An interesting pick for HC is Steve Wilks the Panthers def coord, i think he deserves a shot at the top job, but i doubt Mara and Tisch would be that bold.

1. OL is a priority at this point, esp LT. If you can't pass protect or open holes for the running game then you need Aaron Rodgers or Russel Wilson, but we don't have that.

2. DL needs to step up. JPP is overpayed and needs to be traded to help with salary cap, i wanted him to succeed but ultimately he has failed to deliver like we had hoped in the earlier days. Need a more reliable pass rush.

3. LB is something to think about, Cassillas is in his twilight so a replacement needs to be considered and operational by 2019

4. QB 1 Eli is good not great, but he is capable so I am not out for his head. But he realistically only has a contract to 2019, so a replacement franchise QB should be work in progress at this point. No point paying top dollar for Eli after his contract runs out. So let's see Webb get some 2nd half play this season, esp in blowouts. Is this 3rd rounder viable as a franchise QB before committing a top draft pick. If not I would like Sam Darnold from USC if he is available or the Browns pick him.

If we can't get Darnold trade down and beef up the OL first priority and DL second.

No point wasting a top draft pick for RB, like Barkley, that have limited shelf lives esp without a decent line. Instead look for RB opportunities in FA., since Darkwa is capable esp if the OL is functional.

Hopefully we can get Baker Mayfield as QB in round 3 of the draft since he is too much of a gamble for a top pick. Not a fan of Lamar Jackson, I get that RG3 feeling. Anyway if that desperate, then may as well get Kaep for the mid term

Anyway this is fantasy, but i would like to see McAdon't, Reese and Spag out. They had their chance and we have all witnessed the disaster. I am all in for Shaw, ground and pound in your face football is NY essence , we are not hollywood fancy and flashy

My 2 cents

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