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Originally Posted by tstb-94 View Post
I'm really eager to go to San Francisco some time next season to catch a Niners game (girlfriend fancies New York more though, she may need convincing)

I just wanted to get a feel of people's experiences who have visited the city and gone to Levi's for a Niners game? What was the city like itself, the sightseeing ? The atmosphere at the game, tailgating ect?

Thank you!
I visited San Francisco back in 2004 so cannot speak of experience of visiting Levi, I went to Candlestick and loved every minute bar the result (we lost to a Michael Vick lead Atlanta). I understand it isn't particularly near to San Francisco itself but what I can say is San Francisco is one of the great American cities and I regret that I was only there for 4 nights.

I am sure others can add their experiences here but one should obviously see Golden Gate Bridge, visit Alcatraz, Pier 39, travel on a cable car, see Lombard street, visit China Town, not to mention Yosemite.

Check out trip-advisor on things to do out there

I would also ask on the offical 49ers message board about Levi
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