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Originally Posted by Gartoman18 View Post
What are peoples thoughts now we are on draft day?...

I hope we take an offensive player to impact that side of the ball even though DG loves a strong defense.

I cant see Fournette hanging around that far at #8 and the more I think about it, the more id love to see us draft OJ Howard (if the Jets don't steal). He is the best TE product to come through an NFL draft for many years. With Carolina being so reliant on Olsen its a great time to roll out a 2 TE formation for a couple of years before Howard can then become the franchise TE for the future.

I like mccaffrey also but think OJ would be a greater fit for our style of play.
I think it'll be McCaffrey, although there's a chance Fournette drops to #8. Howard would be a decent pick, but it would probably depend on whether Tennessee trade down from #5 or not. If they stay put, there's a good chance they take him.

Think the other possibility is a DE like Derek Barnett...
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