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I went to the Levi stadium in Nov 2014, Niners V Redskins, the nearest town in San Hose approx 8 miles away travelled on the VTA light rail train straight to the stadium, beware took two to three hours to get a train back so stayed at the stadium for a few drinks then went to Blue Bar San Hose, Dallas fan bar, to watch late night game there, the one when Beckham scored that touchdown.

Have been to San Fran 6 or 7 times, the last time I visiyed was May/June 2017, lots to do in and around the town, like Bob mentioned on a post I stop Nob Hill/Russian Hill area on Broadway, to get to Levi from here is 45 miles, you will need a car.
Whatever you decide you will be impressed, with the stadium, I also did the all you can eat and all you can drink package at the American adventure at the stadium.
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