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Originally Posted by realmrscookiejar View Post
Yep, if you go back far enough on this thread you will see that I flagged the issue before the season started. I reported it, but they said they could not fix it. I gave up and purchased Chromecast (I now cast the NFL Gamepass App from my phone onto my TV).

48h after my E-Mail to the support ... no answer.
It's just a shame.
I mean ... Deltatre is by far the worst company ever, they destroyed NFL Gamepass completely.... I mean here and there you can read about problems in the last 2 years? Is that really the way to make NFL Gamepass better?
It already starts with no response from the support.

I mean ... via Edge Browser it is not working very well on the Xbox and I don't have any other option except watching on my mobile phone ...
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