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Fiedler is always the scapegoat for other players' failures in Miami. I'm sick of reading about it really. He is an average QB, which good enough. The problems lie with the offensive line and his receiving corps. If he had more than a couple of seconds to throw he would be productive. The 'Fins need a left tackle as well as at least one guard. That would not only help Jay, but it would also take the pressure from him with improvement in the running game. Chambers has been his only reliable target with Randy McMichael on a down year and no number two guy. If they can draft a good possesion receiver such as Michael Jenkins or pick one up in free agency and also improve the o-line I think Fielder will do well. He will never be a Pro Bowler, but he can get the job done. Miami is a running team and doesn't need to spend big $$$ on a QB. I see them drafting Andrew Walter who they are really high on and starting Fielder.

Wanny sucked with the Bears and he isn't much better with the 'Fins. All I will say is that at least his players didn't quit on him this year like they have in the past.
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