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I can understand Fins fans like Flipper who want DW out for the very same reasons as what people say about Fiedler. He's a coach who has a winning record but are we going to win a championship with him? Probably not because we fail every time we play a crunch game. Dolphins haven't had a losing season for 15 years, but haven't looked like winning the Superbowl either, we need a more ruthless mentality which I don't think Wannstedt or Fiedler provide. Actually in deference to PackerBacker's point about Fiedler being the scapegoat - the same accusation can be levelled at our supposed top defence which is stuffed with Pro-Bowlers. I'd love to know what happened to them in our real crunch game against the Eagles when the O played quite well.

The O-line is a serious problem, and a reason why Ricky Williams didn't have a particularly good year. We knew this last post season, but did nothing about it. It's this sort of reason Miami have taken away the personnel responsibilities from Wannstedt. I hope that this is where the problem lies and that supported by a GM DW will improve next year and that's why I think he deserves a chance. I have my doubts though.

Disagree that McMichael had a down year, by the way. The problem was that him and Chambers were the sum of our arial threats and there was no-one else who did anything.
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