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Week 5 - @ Browns

The Good

BRADY!! On fire from the off. Pin point accurate and it seemed as though he had a stronger arm than we've seen in the last couple of season.

Was great to have Hogan stretching the field too! We've missed a deep threat for a while! Hopefully he stays healthy!

Bennett! Could him and Gronk be the best 2x TE we've seen since Gronk & Hernandez?

We did a good job stopping Crowell on the run too! Better than I thought we would so that was a positive!

The Bad

We didn't dominate as much as I had perhaps over expected haha

The browns are generally bad anyway but man their QB situation is dire!

Bennett taking some nasty falls again. Would be great if we could keep him healthy! Luckily nothing that slowed him down last night though!

The Goodell!

Cyrus Jones getting ejected!? We couldn't see what happened but can't have been great! I'm sure Belichick made him walk home or something as punishment.

I ran out of beet at the half time mark! Shops were shut! It wasn't a great second half after that!
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