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Originally Posted by LesterHayes View Post
It's not my draft I know but haven't those GM's who said yes in the original thread had long enough now?

Anyway. Chicago's Number 3 pick is up for grabs as mentioned previously.

Just in case anyone missed it like...
It's a tricky one. Me, Richard and (I think) FallenFlyer are taking who's left at the end, which leaves 4 people who we're waiting on. I've PM'd them, as well as e-mailing/leaving visitor messages with one or two.

Two of them haven't been on the site since late January, the other two have been on (and posted in the forums) fairly regularly since I sent them PM's but haven't responded. We still have about 3 weeks until this starts, so time is still on our side, but I don't want to leave it too late as it wouldn't be fair on those of us who are waiting to take whoever is left over, or those on the reserve list...
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