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Originally Posted by Claire Da Bear View Post
Am I the only fan that things this? I saw a FEW things last night that have knotted my tummy against the Lions (who lets face it are not class till the last QRT). The following is not in order but is a list of my concernes.

1. Cutler taking hit/sacks and eating grass (BEARS DONT EAT GRASS)
2. Cutler thinks that he only go one WR on the team namely #15
3. Hester make a catch on the O-line or stay on specail teams and be quite about it.
4. Bush not being used to the best of his abilites
5. Gould misses a FG (that never happens)
6. Urlacher is looking his age
7. The D-line is looking it age
8. The O-line not getting enought points on the baord (i dont like watching sqeeky bum games)
9. The Tamper 2 is very perdicable (lovie needs to mix it up)
10. Special teams not special enough.
11. Very early use of times outs 2 in the first qrt.
12 Clock managerment.
1. O-line is poor; we are stuck with 'em.
2. He is correct. It's not unusual for any QB with one WR clearly better than the rest to throw to him every time he sees man.

4. I think we should be running Bush right at the best edge rushers we face: try to slow them down with a beating.
5. See point one!
6. He does look visibly slower. However I still believe he acts as a focal-point for the team: rally to the king and all that.
7. I assume you mean Peppers, who hasn't been his outstanding self I must agree.
8. See point one! We sign Bush to be that goal-line batting ram but instead we throw: spread 'em out hit them with the ram.
9. I have a love/hate relationship with playing soft zone: it is often three deep not just two. When you can get pressure with your front four zone defense works perfectly, as is illustrated by every good game our D plays. When you can't get pressure massive holes appear in the seams; which is why we usually get spanked by great QBs with sold O-lines.
10. The return game has been very poor. We are starting in terrible field position constantly. If anything I credit the Offense with grabbing a few 1st downs and getting out of the shadow.
11. Our use of TOs has been terrible for years, I always assumed it was on Martz complex scheming.
12. See 11. All part of the same issue I would say.

I think we are a deserved 5-1 but the only good team we played beat us. We have a whole lot of good pass rushing opponents coming up and a line that is easily whipped. I don't think we are even close to being contenders at this point. The Giants are the best team in the league... sorry the WORLD as far as I am concerned.

Ask me again after the the 9ers and Texans.
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