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Originally Posted by Crash11 View Post
Pat Shurmur seems to be the favoured candidate in Arizona. Maybe takes a Vikings QB with him?

Have to agree with BuffaloG's earlier post - the Coaching tree looks a tad bare this year.

No College candidates either - I'm not an expert on the College game. Is that because there isn't a Coach there primed for a job in the Pro's, the top Coaches happy with their lot in their current posts or are NFL teams scared from the failures of the last great hope Chip Kelly?
Yes rumors say Shurmur and Keenum will be a packaged deal. Most likely landing spot is Arizona.

The Colts interviewed Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, but he pulled out.

Could be a combination of all of the above. I doubt anyone is scared because of Chip Kelly. The direction the wind is blowing with offenses in the NFL is towards college Spread offense concepts & RPO's, since those are the systems a lot of QB's are coming out of. Stuff that you might see more commonly at the NCAA level is only gonna become more popular over time.

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