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Default Re:Da Bears - The Monsters of Midway Thread

A breakout year for Quinn? Because two NFL teams didn't realise just how good the guy holding the clipboard on the sideline was...
Certainly not a breakout year. Of the two options presented, a top five draft pick is more likely but I don't think it will happen either. I think we can get back to 7-9 on the strength of our coaching staff, their positive approach to games, our strong O line and a decent running game.
The worry is we now have neither a a QB who can make things happen or a wide receiver that can make it easy for a limited qb. We could become one diminsional and easy to beat, quite frankly.
I still belive in Lovie though. And Shea. 6 more wins, get this injury curse, that has afflicted us every year apart from '01 it seems, off our backs and take a lot of positives from this year.
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