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Originally Posted by LAX View Post

Don't think thats the right way to compare romo to others. The saints and giants both lost games due to other areas of their teams. Eli won another superbowl last year, and didn't make mistakes anywhere near as poor as those romo did. Brees was good all season, not having a head coach and defensive issues let the team down.
I'm not comparing Romo to them. I'm pointing out that, that's how other people do it. They want to go to the playoffs and clamor for an elite QB who can take them there, like that's all it takes.

I heard a stat yesterday that said that in every game of the season, Dallas were trailing the game... Only Oakland and KC had a worse % when it comes to being behind in a game.

Is Romo elite? No. But, he is very good.

For all the people wanting Romo out, how would it be done? You get rid of Romo and then what?

It's not as easy as it sounds to get a good QB.
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