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Name: Mark

Age: 25

Occupation: IT

Favourite current Colts: DFree, Reggie, Manning, Clark

Favourite ex Colts: Edge

Fan since: 2003

Why you decided to support the Colts: Although I actually had the Madden game for the Sega megadrive in like 1994 I didn't properly start watching the NFL until much later. Having always been big on motor racing and especially the Indy 500 when I then got Madden in 2003 offseason Indianapolis stood out for me. In addition I already was familiar with the Indianapolis Star website ( for the auto racing bit and so I started browsing the Colts section and the Colts forum on there as well during the build up to the season and I've been a Colts fan ever since.

So in fact I had my team before I'd even watched my first full NFL game which is a bit unusual I guess.

Favourite moment: Super Bowl win. AFC championship game win probably a close second or even tied.

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