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Default Re:Xbox Accounts & PSN Accounts

[quote author=Donny 5aints link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg911475 date=1214327206]
[quote author=bigdewgo link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=15#msg911449 date=1214322028]
[quote author=Donny 5aints link=board=13;threadid=34052;start=0#msg911444 date=1214321718]
Maybe we could start a NFL clan (NFLUK won't fit in) on COD4 on PSN and i repeat my earlier question

is Battlefield Bad Company worth buying ???

Download the demo on PSN Store and see what you think. i haven't got it yet but will be soon. The nfluk clan sounds good if we can gt the numbers need atleast 6.


yeah i'll download the demo and see and about the clan it depends on prefered game mode cos i'll play anything but atm im hooked on team tactical but will probs change soon again

thanks for add big lol you're right BF was proper laggy this afternoon
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