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I think had Bulaga not been there we would have traded back, people may be a little down on Bulaga but it's premature in my view to say whether the guy's maxed out or what he's going to be. He's been in a zone-blocking scheme at Iowa, is talented has great work ethic and I think he'll bring a toughness to the line which it sometimes lacks. Bulaga may not 'look' like the best pick but I really like the value of getting one of the top 4 OTs in the draft.

As for the next few picks I really like Koa Misi or Ricky Sapp although Worilds I think is very good too. Taylor Mays is still there so maybe that pushes a Nate Allen or Reshad Jones down? The first round was so twisted and crazy that if we play this right we could hit another three or four homeruns.
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