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Originally Posted by transmetropolitan View Post
Much as I am struggling to feel excited about the pick (I would’ve loved to have Jerry Hughes), I can’t fault the Packers for taking Bulaga. It is a good value. He won’t bust (unless he has injury trouble), he will work hard and be a good pro. He just might wind up at RT or G, which if it happens is OK but still leaves a big hole at LT.

O’Brien Schofield absolutely had him for breakfast last season, that’s what really scares me I guess.

So I would still try to get Veldheer if we can.
Apparently during that game the guy had thyroiditis - a condition that has now been sorted - so he couldn't play at 100% strength and speed, I'm very happy we got the guy - maybe has a lower celling but in our game I don't think you need to have the next Anthony Munoz at LT because of Rodgers' mobility. I say again, if we can get one of the best Safeties left that isn't Taylor Mays then that would be great. I think there are lots of other OLB guys out there who may well fall simply because of who should have gone in the first round.
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