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Originally Posted by marcseven View Post
He freed the city from the Spanish then later he sold to the emerging US, to to p*ss off the English. Hoping the US would become a power to put the English in their place. At the time the US owned about half of what we recognize as the States they had taken it from the English twenty years earlier. Most of the east coast was already American but as colonialism or aggressive expansion was against the fledgling constitution, they offered to buy if from Napoleon who owed them money and was short of cash as a result of his fight against the English and several revolts in the west indies.

They paid 15 Million USD.

Napoleon was a caretaker at best, the french didn't really oppress Louisiana they made it, then it was added to especially by french Canadians chased out of Arcadia (Nova Scotia) by the English. (this of course ignores the land was originally inhabited by the Native Americans since 2000 bc, but that's a whole different discussion)

I think the point is most of the inhabitants of New Orleans at that time considered themselves french right upto the civil war 50, years after the
Louisiana Purchase. Its similar to the french Canadians. They would have considered themselves taken over by the Americans and this would have been seen especially later when the school system was reformed away from the french language and also segregation laws were introduced that had not previously be enforced in the region.

New Orleans especially then and to some degree now, considers itself cut from a different cloth from the rest of the US and that does not go without resentment from the rest of the country.

Dude i hope i caused no offense, i love talking about the place.
Ok, I guess I stand corrected then. lol Maybe I'm clouded by the anti royal, revolutionary aspect of Bonaparte (oh, I'm such a romantic) Long time since I've read anything too - so obviously getting a bit mixed up

No offence caused at all marcseven It's interesting, and I thank you for responding, and correcting my slightly muddled memory. Hope no offense has been caused by me either.
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