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If Brooks plays to his potential, I can see the Saints being a real threat this season. If they continue to play like they did at the end of the last season, they could be a real dark horse.

It's true that Brooks needs to cut out the idiotic plays and just play smart, but for the Saints to make as serious playoff run, it's the defense that needs to improve. If they can get .500 seasons out of an inconsistent offense with a banged up Deuce McAllister, and no defense, you can only imagine what they'd do at full potential.

The other problem is coaching, not only in-game but from Monday-Saturday. New Orleans are always ill-prepared, unmotivated and lathargic, hense their underachieving mannerism. If Coach Haslett instilled more discipline into the program, you'd see a different football team

It's funny really, we were 4-8 and down and out - and then when the pressure was off they played for Haslett and we finished 8-8 and he kept his job. So they are capable, and they will play for him. But I think last season was his last chance - he needs at least a winning record this year to convince anyone that he's the man for the job.

The defense will be the key - 32nd in the league last year it can only get better, but will it???

I know what its like to have a crap D playing for your team, and if you guys were ranked lower than the Colts, thats bad!!

Still only one way to go when you are ranked last /\
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