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This has to be Brooks bery last chance. When Haslett first came in Jeff Blake lead the team for most of the season but Brooks won the play-off game. Him and Haslett have been living off that since.

Brooks is inconsistent and can't respond under pressure. I love his highlight reel plays though, particularly the backward pass vs the Raiders last year. ;D I doubt he changes and I think he'll be looking for a new team in 2006.

In Hasletts case, it's strange how coaches with a rep for certain things (in his case defense) seem to lose that skill in the mix of having to manage everything else. Marv Lewis is another case, he's fixed a lot what is wrong in Cinci but can't get that D to play at all.

On D, the Saints main problem is vs the run, if you rank 32nd in total defense, give up 4.6 yards a carry and allow the joint 3rd most first downs rushing in the league you are always going to struggle despite what your offense is capable of.

With the Panthers getting players back, the Falcons in good shape and the Bucs a team that may be struggling but knows how to win, I don't see the Saints being that competitive this coming season.
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