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Default The Playoffs - Without your team

OK guys, now that your team has not made the playoffs and the 12 teams have been determined, who will you be supporting? and who will you not be supporting and hoping they don't win the Superbowl?

There are alot of teams still in the mix that I would like to see do well , Ravens, Bengals, Eagles, Cards, Vikes, Colts and Saints.

I think out of these teams I would like to see a Colts/Vikes Superbowl. Mainly to see the likes of Manning and Favre get another Superbowl ring. Maybe favouring Manning over Favre as I think he is the best QB ever and deserves another ring.

As for teams I don't want to see win, well the Pats for a start as Brady has enough rings, the Chargers coz I just cannot stand them. It would be terrible to see that cocky loud mouth Rivers with a Superbowl Ring. I would love to see them fail again.

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