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Originally Posted by syborg View Post
I have a theory that the reason there are so few jobs is because Women now go to work rather than being home mothers to families. not being sexist here but it has to be a factor right. . not to mention the growth in population and all of us living longer. .wages are now not enough to cover the cost of living. if they ever were and with more and more career women the jobs for male workers shrinks. . higher unemployment with not enough jobs to fulfill the need.

Supermarkets etc only employing PT workers means someone has to now get 2 jobs rather than 1 in order to make ends meet. .

So a growing population with women workers and PT jobs all add up to us being stuffed for work. . not to mention the immigration issue where indiginous peoples are losing out to migrant workers. .

right Ive lit the paper now I sit back and watch the fireworks. .
That's pretty much true and it's not exactly controversial. More people in the job market means more applicants per job, which results in lower pay. Not only that, but doubling the workforce has massively inflated the cost of housing.

Good point about PT work too, the job market is changing. There are fewer jobs for life, many employers are trying to shift workers on to minimum hours contracts, where they work one day a week but can be offered 4 or more extra days, as it's easier and cheaper to just reduce someone to their minimum hours than to make them redundant. What we need is unions. I'm not saying the country should go on strike, but if we don't stand up for proper jobs and working practices, then they'll disappear. And I hate to say it, but tighter immigration controls - immigration has to in some way be linked to our labour needs, this is a problem with the current EU setup. I think it's obvious that many employers are specifically looking to take on foreign workers, particularly from the poorest parts of the EU, due a perception that they're easier to abuse.
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