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Why do I sense fun coming up for us Mods? Ok, pre-emptive warning on what's always an emotive topic, keep it polite and respectful!

My personal opinion is yes, we are taxed too much - however it's very difficult to do anything about it no matter what your philiospohy is, because there's no political incentive to match up spending with what you're providing - causing all manner of fun problems. I'm about to do my Masters in Finance after doing Economics and Politics at undergrad and when people ask me what the key lesson of the subject is, I always say (using the more-polite version so I don't have to warn myself) "How the latter completely screws up the former."

You can see where the trap lies. As a induvidual politician, if you can spend on stuff and defer payment to later (and preferably another leader) you have the perfect situation for you - lots of nice stuff you can point to and say "aren't I great" without having to put up the tax bill. Your support is therefore maximised.

It's only when the inevitable barrage of debt built up over many years finally reaches horrific proportions that people suddenly start murmuring and speaking of "prudence" despite the fact that the sudden attack of "prudence" is far more expensive, and causes much more pain than ever needed to be caused. If you get a rare politician who tries to stop things before they hit breaking point, either through cutting services or raising taxes depending on your political persuasion, the public will backlash against them regardless.
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