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Originally Posted by StevenMccormick12 View Post
Right back at you, have 2 friends who are big packers fans! And hey, I would rather be the Texans than the Bobcats or the Apollos that were on the shortlist ha!

I see what you mean I am always wary of one or two surprise results in a season though, that's what makes the NFL great; the level playing field
Cool, well you are closer to making the Bowl than us. We are falling behind the 49ers and Hawks and doing little to plug the holes and close the gap

True it was a poor shortlist.

It just seems like someone went into a meeting and said 'lets call this team something like the Texans but not so boring' and the people who were supposed to research a good name took an immediate poll decided those 3 names should go on a ballot and went to an early lunch.

Indeed in this funny league you could beat the 49ers and lose to the Jags..........its why we love it.
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