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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
nearly every off season we worry about a lack of depth somewhere and by December we are front runners for a 1st round play-off bye so think we should trust GM Belichick has either got it right or will be tweaking the back end of the roster when needed.

having a new DC will be the big thing to watch to see if we still play the bend not break defence or maybe we are a lot more aggressive.
Thought the Defence definitely looked a lot better last night, especially at the front. How much that was down to the Texans OL being poor and how much was down to us being much improved I'm not sure, but thought we looked really good.

Cornerbacks covered really well last night as well, which reminded me a little of our Superbowl season with Browner and Revis. Again, I'm not sure that they were tested massively last night, but what they had to do, they did really well.

If we can cover like that all season, it will definitely give us a bit more time to try and get to the QB :-)

On the Offence I thought we looked so so. Dorsett looked impressive but Hogan seemed non existent, and Gronk is just Gronk :-)
Will be interesting to see how we do against the Jags next week, because last night we seemed a lot more run focused than in previous years, but I'm not sure we'll have any success with the run against the Jags.

Today I feel much more optimistic about the season ahead :-)
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