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I'm feeling good about this season - I think we have real good depth in most positions, and the defence looks much improved with some astute additions (like Shelton and Clayborn) as well as the continued development of players like Flowers/Wise/Rowe, and finally the return of Hightower and seeming emergence of Bentley. Also we finally got rid of Jordan Richards!!!

It's a real shame Wynn got injured - because with him I would have been really confident in our OL being a top 5-10 unit all season even with injuries, but without him we are needing some luck with injuries at OT. Brown got off to a very good start at LT this past week.

Weapons wise - I think we'll be ok because we know how to effectively use role players like Dorsett and Patterson, alongside our bevvy of RBs and of course Gronk. Looking forward to seeing Jacob Hollister when he returns from injury too, they were very excited about him all off season and we could do with a TE behind Gronk who can catch (with Allen being almost exclusively a blocking TE now).

We do have a tough schedule this season - so I think we're looking at a 10/11 win season, and potentially missing a bye for the first time in a while
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