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I don't see a #1 pick changing our fortunes. So I guess we will trade down and go for volume, don't you think?

#1-3 pick would be a waste on a OT or a LB surely, and that seems to be what we need most.
Agreed that OL or LB would not be ideal as a top draft pick

We dont often get a a top draft pick, so lets get a franchise QB like Sam Darnold. If he can make the transition to the pros, he is there for the next 15 years. No matter whether you rate Eli or not, he is in his late 30s and we need a viable replacement within the next couple of years. Picking a franchise QB needs to be a major consideration in the near future. Today we have a top pick which may not hapen for a long time, so lets make the most of it.

If we cant get Darnold as our 1st round, then trade down to plug the holes in the OL and LB positions. Maybe we can still get Baker Mayfield in a later draft round? I say this because Mayfield isnt the NFL prototypical QB due to his height, as well as his big mouth, so he may not get picked early in the draft. If not lets hope we trade down and get a future top draft pick next year because we will need a top QB pick for the 2019 draft season

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