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Originally Posted by The_Dawg View Post
So what do we make of our draft this year fellow G-men?

I'm pleased with nearly all of our picks - amazing what can be done with a competent GM! The only one I'm unsure of is picking up Lauletta at QB, especially if Davis Webb is to be the heir apparent. I get that it provides healthy competition but Tyrell Crosby would have been a better choice at RT.

Overall though, can't complain too much. B+/A-.

i will go B+

some nice picks overall, i would of done things different but Barkley is an excellent player.
Hernandez is very good and getting Carter too.
Lauletta was good value but we seemed to be in win now mode based on FA and the draft up until that point.
the DL picks were good players but those are the ones where we could of gone a different way.

if we had taken OL in the 5th Crosby or Jones, it would of been better as i feel given our issues they would of had a chance at winning a starting spot.
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